Sustainable Energy Solutions For Climate Change

Diesendorf M 2014. Sustainable Energy Solutions for Climate Change. Routledge-Earthscan, London, and NewSouth Publishing, Sydney.

Renewable energy expert Mark Diesendorf issues a powerful challenge in this clear and comprehensive guide to the technologies and policies we need to adopt to ensure an ecologically sustainable energy future for the planet.

Sustainable Energy Solutions for Climate Change brings together the science, technology, economics and policy issues to provide a unique and truly interdisciplinary approach. It details the enormous recent changes in the energy sector and profiles the renewable energy technologies that can transform our fossil-fuelled energy systems into ecologically sustainable ones.

The book provides in-depth analysis of:

  • scenarios for transitioning our polluting energy system to one based on the efficient use of renewable energy
  • sustainable transport and planning for better cities
  • why nuclear energy is not the answer
  • the politics and policies of climate change mitigation
  • myths about wind and solar energy and energy efficiency
  • what people can do to overcome vested interests and push reluctant governments to take effective action.